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Before SyncSketch

  • Ambiguous review processes. Remote and hybrid teams face challenges when delivering feedback to team members working on creative projects, while physically apart.
  • Broken communication. Sharing media via email, file transfer and conference calls results in siloed, overcomplicated, and ineffective feedback loops.
  • Insecure IP. Work is scattered across workstations or loaded onto external hard drives or other devices, which are easily stolen or misplaced.
  • Complicated pipelines. Keeping track of disorganized notes and managing feedback flow between various tools and workflows slows down productivity.
  • Disconnected teams. Collaborating remotely is difficult, leading to confusion, incorrect edits, and extended feedback cycles.

After SyncSketch

  • Flawless feedback. Artists are empowered with industry-leading drawing and annotation tools to capture precise feedback—more than just red lines and circles.
  • Instant collaboration. Review models and media offline or in real-time with unlimited participants—no compression artifacts, no skipped frames.
  • Secure infrastructure. Collaborate freely without compromising valuable IP. Your work is protected with a SOC 2 compliant security setup.
  • Seamless integration. Connects with your existing tools like Maya and Unity, allowing easy access to everyone’s comments in one central place. Work efficiently and effortlessly.
  • Creative freedom. Iterate faster, with the power to share a link and collaborate both asynchronously and in real-time, from anywhere.

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More than 200,000 artists across the world’s most creative organizations use SyncSketch to help them make their magic

“SyncSketch enables a higher level of collaboration for our studio. Our clients know their valuable IP is safe with the platform’s security features. SyncSketch allows the creative process to flourish, and our team is able to do their jobs without any hassle.”

Jeremy Smith, CTO at Jellyfish Pictures

“I wanted something bulletproof and easy to use, and SyncSketch provided that.”

Ray McIntyre Jr., VFX Supervisor, Raised by Wolves + Scott Free Productions

“SyncSketch’s 3D Viewer has been a game-changer in how we review animations at Maxis. It has provided the necessary flexibility of exploring and navigating an entire 3D scene, with the added benefit of capturing notes and feedback, all in one intuitive and easy-to-use package.”

Nawwaf Barakat, Senior Animation Director at MAXIS


3D model viewer

View and critique any 3D model, environment, or asset in a complete 360-degree review session, all in one central hub

High performance review sessions

Easy link sharing enables unlimited users to review online or offline, synchronously or asynchronously —no latency, compression artifacts, or skipped frames

Aligns with existing workflows

Seamlessly merge SyncSketch into you and your team’s existing workflows with out of the box connections to software like Unity and Maya.

Any browser, any device

Laptop or desktop, mobile or tablet—give and receive feedback from wherever you happen to be on whatever device helps you communicate best

Powerful brush engine

Deliver precise, frame-accurate feedback to your media with our high-fidelity brush tools, enabling your team to give clear and relevant notes

State of the art security

Built from the ground up on AWS, our security framework complies with SOC 2 and MPAA standards, ensuring your IP remains safe

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From concept to final review, iterate and collaborate from anywhere

SyncSketch is the ultimate collaboration platform for artists looking to unleash their creativity. Join thousands of gaming, animation, and visual effects professionals to supercharge your team’s workflows with SyncSketch today.

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